What we do:

  • Develop innovative, data-driven methodologies to support strategic trade control research, enforcement, and outreach.

  • Provide analytic support for investigations on illicit trade, export control and sanctions violations.

  • Investigate emerging trends and technologies in WMD and weapons proliferation.

The Latest:

Upcoming Book: Methods of Strategic Trade Analysis - Data-Driven Approaches to Detect Illicit Dual-Use Trade

(Publication Date TBD)

  • Machine Learning for Detecting Nuclear-Related Strategic Trade: An Introduction to Supervised Classification and NLP-Assisted Matching for Transaction Identification. September 2021. Link.

  • The Challenge of Transshipment and Strategic Trade Control Analysis. August 2021. Link.

  • Examining the upcoming 2022 amendments to the Harmonized System and the implications for strategic trade controls - HS2022: Capitalizing on Expanded Dual-Use Codes for Strategic Trade Analysis. July 2021. Link.

  • Network Analysis for Strategic Trade Investigations - Case Study of Asher Karni. July 2021. Link.